E-journal of All India Association for Educational Research (EJAIAER)




        VOL.22                          No:  1                                                         June , 2010



v  Editorial: School Effectiveness and Teacher Empowerment 

v  Psycho-Social Problems of Women Teachers Working in Schools and Colleges of Punjab 

v  Effect of Extensive Reading and Creativity on Achievement in English Language

v  Enriching the Elementary Education with Constructivist Approach 

v  Socially Excluded Prospective Teachers’ Attitude towards Pupil Centered Practices  

v  Career Maturity of Adolescents in Relation to Intelligence 

v  Professional Commitment among B. Ed. Teacher Educators of Himachal Pradesh  

v  Status of Co-Scholastic Activities in the School Programme of the Elementary Schools  

v  Academic Achievement of Students: Implementation of a Theoretical Model of Personal Causation in the Classroom  

v  Process Approach: Effect on Attitude towards Science and Process Skills in Science 

v  English Language Anxiety in Relation to Achievement among the High School Students

v  Emotional Intelligence and Business Education: An Analysis  

v  Book Review of NCTE Curriculum Framework 2009

v  Contributors


VOL.22                          No:  2                                                  December , 2010




v  Editorial- Indian Educational Research Quality Indicators

v  Leadership for Institutional Effectiveness and Empowerment (Presidential address delivered at AIAER Annual Conference at Chitradurga, Karnataka 2010)

v  Teacher Identity Construction In Reform Driven Contexts: A Chilean Study

v   Teachers, Educational Change and Professional Development: Some Thoughts from a South African Experience

v  Progressive Transformative Teacher Education in Cameroon: Policy, Training and Research for Sustainable Education 

v  Responses of Prospective Teachers on Existing Bachelor of Education Course                                                     

v  Valuing a Learner-Cantered Class in Higher Education with an Appreciative Eye: A Case Study

v  Academic Gender Stereotypes and Academic Self-Concept of Indian Adolescents  

v  Acknowledgements

v  Contributors