E-journal of All India Association for Educational Research (EJAIAER)



        VOL.21                          No:  1                                                         June , 2009


¨           Editorial: Quality Concerns in Education

¨           Sense-Making in Distributed Leadership

¨           Some Concerns in Educational Research

¨           Inadequacies of Significance Tests in Educational Research

¨           Friendship Skills of the Primary School Tribal Children in Relation to Their Sex  and  Type of Family

¨           Essential Facilities for Quality Bioscience Teaching in Secondary Schools

¨           Effectiveness of CAI Package in Basic Electronics Teaching

¨           Total Quality Management (TQM) in Education - Perception of Secondary School Teachers

¨           Effect of  Sight  and Gender on Environmental Awareness  and Pro-Environmental Behaviour amongst School Students

¨           Use  of  Mathematics Laboratory for Teaching Mathematics

¨           Development of Time Concepts in Primary School Deaf Children  

¨           Attitude of Teachers towards the Use of Active Learning Methods

¨           Emotional Intelligence and Creativity of School Students

¨           Mental Health: A Study of Rural Adolescents

¨           Environmental Awareness of Secondary and Senior Secondary Students

¨           Teacher Education in Himachal Pradesh

¨           Teacher Education in Union Territory of Daman & Diu 

¨           Effectiveness of Village Education Committee  on Promoting UEE – A Case Study

¨           Contributors


VOL.21                          No:  2                                                         December , 2009


v            Editorial


v            The Human Quest: Philosophical Perspectives on Lifelong Learning


v            Internal and External Evaluation of Schools: Two Sides of the Coin Called ‘Quality Assurance of Education’?


v            Leadership in the Twenty First Century  


v            Perspectives of Quality Distance Education


v            Developing Competence in Social Dialogue through Jurisprudential Inquiry Model  


v            Development and Standardization of an Attitude Scale to Measure Job Satisfaction of Higher Secondary School Teachers


v            Awareness and Attitude of the College Students towards Open and Distance Learning   


v            Perceptions Of Educated Adults Of Different Age Groups Regarding Social Problems  


v            Goal Orientation and Learning Strategies In Relation to Academic Achievement of Elementary School Students  


v            Development and Standardization of Responsible Environment Behaviour (REB) Scale  


v            Intelligence as Related To Self-Confidence and Academic Achievement of School Students  


v            Identifying Research Possibilities in Technical Education  


v            Match Between Teachers’ and their Students’ Interest in Science Topics


v            Professional Growth of Teachers and Academic Staff College-An Impact Study  


v            Development of a Tool to measure Computer Self-Efficacy of Student Teachers 


v            ICT in the Early Years: Balancing The Risks And Benefits  


v            Acknowledgements 


v            Contributors