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††††††† VOL.20††††††† ††††††††††††††††††Nos:1 & 2†††††††††††††††† March & June , 2008


® Editorial - Management of Teacher Education                             

® Teacher Educators can only Improve Teacher Quality                            

® Viewing through the Looking Glass: Recognizing Factors Affecting Multicultural Awareness and Competence of Pre-Service Teachers 

® Higher Education: Problems & Prognosis    

® Reading Comprehension in Tamil and Study Habits of Underachievers in IX Standard  

® Preparation, Recruitment, and Retention of Teachers

® Development and Standardization of Attitude towards Using New Technology Scale

® Smile - Learning Framework for the Knowledge Age                                         

® Teacher Education in Uttarakhand              

® Teacher Education in Manipur                    

® Effectiveness of Synectics Model of Teaching in Enhancing Creativity, Academic Achievement and Achievement Motivation of Learners

® Teacherís Perception on the Learning Difficulties & Development of English Language Skills among High School Students: Influence of Classroom Teaching & Workbooks

® Attitude towards Mathematics of XI Standard Students in Trichy District

® Attitude of M. Ed. Students towards Research                            

® Teacher Efficacy in Different Management Types of   Secondary Schools          

® Virtual Tour in Learning Social Science at Standard V is a Boon 

® Comparative Study of Climate of Openness of Correspondence Courses in Orissa and IGNOU 

® Universalisation of Elementary Education in Uttar Pradesh

® Effectiveness of the Developed Examination Result Management Software for IOE, DAVV  in Terms of Userís Reaction

® Teacher Education in Rajasthan

® Influence of Parenting Style and Self-Compassion on Mental Health of School Pupils   

® Orienting Primary Teachers towards Competency Based English Language Teaching

® Contributors           



VOL.20†††††††††††††††††††††††† Nos: 3 & 4††††††††††††††† September & December , 2008


®     Editorial - Research and Teacher Education

®     Epistemological Issues Related Quality Research In Education (Presidential Address at AIAER Annual Conference 2008)

®     Philosophy On The Restoration Of Schools In Japan: The Vision, Principles And Activity System Of The Learning Community

®     Perceptions Of Factors Influencing Student-Focused Teaching Approaches In Higher Education: Outcomes Of An Action Research

®     Educational Research And Ensuring Quality Standards

®     Using Mobile Devices For Delivery Of Educational Content And Interaction With Students

®     Teacher Education In Arunachal Pradesh

®     A Comparative Study Of Orientations Of College Teachers On The Basis Of Some Presage Variables

®     Impact Of Synetics Model Of Teaching In Life Science To Develop Creativity Among Pupils

®     Educational Research In Kerala

®     Burnout And Stress Among Secondary School Teachers In Relation To Their Teaching Effectiveness

®     Perception Of Secondary School Students Towards Computer Education

®     Role Of Education On Fertility And Mortality Behaviour

®     A Comprehensive Approach To Stress Management In School Children

®     Literacy Work Through National Service Scheme

®     Expansion Of Higher Education In Goa

®     Elementary Pre-Service Teacher Education In Karnataka

®     Educational Research In Nagaland - A Trend Report

®     Book Review

®     AIAER News

®     Contributors