E-journal of All India Association for Educational Research (EJAIAER)



VOL.19 Nos: 1 & 2 March & June , 2007


 Human Knowledge and Deep Intelligence: Transition to Connectedness

 NRCLC project on e-learning and online tutor competencies

 Implication of Dialogue Mapping As Evaluation Tool in Learning Technology

 Teacher Education in Madhya Pradesh

 Research In SCERT And DIETS In Punjab: Where Do We Stand?

 Impact of Age and Family Type on Emotional Maturity of Urban Adolescent Girls

 Do Teachers Have Relationship With Awareness Of And Adherence To Values Inherent In Fundamental Duties?

 Educational Broadcast through Radio

 Organization of Teacher Education at Vidya Bhawan IASE, Udaipur, Rajasthan

 Extending Bachelor of Education Programme from One Year to Two Years

 Initial Teacher Training In Uttar Pradesh

 Initial Teacher Training In Maharashtra

 The Greatest Challenge

 Teacher Education in Nagaland

 Role Perception of Tribal Teachers of the Primary Schools of Vijaynagar Taluk

 Teacher Education in Sikkim

 Problem Solving Ability and Scientific Attitude as Determinant Of Academic Achievement of Higher Secondary Students

 Higher Secondary School Teachers Computer Knowledge and Their Attitude towards Computer

 Interaction Effect of Adjustment and Need Achievement Upon creativity

 Teacher Education in Assam

 Evolving Self Instructional Package on Personnel Management

 A Study of Self-Evaluation of Lessons by Student-Teachers In Relation To Their Attitude towards Teaching Profession

 Rehabilitation of the Disabled Women: Need of a Holistic Approach


VOL.19 Nos: 3 & 4 September & December , 2007



 Editorial - Improving Strategies for Teacher Learning

 Educational Facilities for Children with Hearing Impairment

 Creating a Safe and Welcoming School                                       

 Achievement in Accountancy and Educational Adjustment of Higher Secondary Students      

 Socio-Economic and Environmental Impact on the Children having Low Intelligence    

 Teacher Education in Jharkhand      

 Effect of Individual and Group Settings in Problem Solving Performances               

 Effectiveness of a Mastery Learning Instructional Strategy in Attainment of Competencies in Mathematics        

 Attitude of Under, Normal and Over-Achievers towards Teaching Profession and Their Home Environment   

 An Action Plan to Overhaul the Teacher Education Curriculum

 Work Values among High School Teachers of India and Iran

 Impact of Study Skills Training on Achievement in Biology of Standard VIII Students  

 Emotional Intelligence of Student Teachers (Pre-Service) at Primary Level       

 Environmental Education Awareness among School Teachers

 Attitude Change on Population Education of IX Standard Students

 Relationship between Attitude towards History and Achievement in History      

 Errors in Oral Expression of English Language by Secondary Students              

 Awareness about Population Problem among Science and Arts Student Teachers        

 Library Facilities and the Academic Achievement of Secondary Students

 Focusing Learner Centered Secondary Education Integrating Mind Tools

 Reflections about the CAL Programme in Elementary School Classrooms         

 Impact of Multimedia Programme in Teaching Science on Attitude towards Computer

 Plight of Rural Primary Schools of Assam 

 Achievement Orientation of Students at University Stage 

 Learning through Virtual Classroom             

 Job Satisfaction of Teacher Educators in Relation to Their Attitude towards Teaching        

 Development and Assessment of Handbook of Concepts based on Social Science Subject for Secondary Level Students

 Elementary School Education in Himachal Pradesh

 Beginning with the End in Mind: A New Approach in Assessment                     

 Teacher Education in Jammu & Kashmir                                     

 Towards Knowledge Societies (Recommendations) - UNESCO

 Book Review  

 AIAER News