E-journal of All India Association for Educational Research (EJAIAER)



        VOL.19                           Nos:  1 & 2                 March & June , 2007


¨ Human Knowledge and Deep Intelligence: Transition to Connectedness

¨ NRCLC project on e-learning and online tutor competencies

¨ Implication of Dialogue Mapping As Evaluation Tool in Learning Technology

¨ Teacher Education in Madhya Pradesh

¨ Research In SCERT And DIETS In Punjab: Where Do We Stand?

¨ Impact of Age and Family Type on Emotional Maturity of Urban Adolescent Girls

¨ Do Teachers Have Relationship With Awareness Of And Adherence To Values Inherent In Fundamental Duties?

¨ Educational Broadcast through Radio

¨ Organization of Teacher Education at Vidya Bhawan IASE, Udaipur, Rajasthan

¨ Extending Bachelor of Education Programme from One Year to Two Years

¨ Initial Teacher Training In Uttar Pradesh

¨ Initial Teacher Training In Maharashtra

¨ The Greatest Challenge

¨ Teacher Education in Nagaland

¨ Role Perception of Tribal Teachers of the Primary Schools of Vijaynagar Taluk

¨ Teacher Education in Sikkim

¨ Problem Solving Ability and Scientific Attitude as Determinant Of Academic Achievement of Higher Secondary Students

¨ Higher Secondary School Teachers’ Computer Knowledge and Their Attitude towards Computer

¨ Interaction Effect of Adjustment and Need Achievement Upon creativity

¨ Teacher Education in Assam

¨ Evolving Self Instructional Package on Personnel Management

¨ A Study of Self-Evaluation of Lessons by Student-Teachers In Relation To Their Attitude towards Teaching Profession

¨ Rehabilitation of the Disabled Women: Need of a Holistic Approach



VOL.19                           Nos: 3 & 4                September & December , 2007



¨ Editorial - Improving Strategies for Teacher Learning

¨ Educational Facilities for Children with Hearing Impairment

¨ Creating a Safe and Welcoming School                                       

¨ Achievement in Accountancy and Educational Adjustment of Higher Secondary Students      

¨ Socio-Economic and Environmental Impact on the Children having Low Intelligence    

¨ Teacher Education in Jharkhand      

¨ Effect of Individual and Group Settings in Problem – Solving Performances               

¨ Effectiveness of a Mastery Learning Instructional Strategy in Attainment of Competencies in Mathematics        

¨ Attitude of Under, Normal and Over-Achievers towards Teaching Profession and Their Home Environment   

¨ An Action Plan to Overhaul the Teacher Education Curriculum

¨ Work Values among High School Teachers of India and Iran

¨ Impact of Study Skills Training on Achievement in Biology of Standard VIII Students  

¨ Emotional Intelligence of Student Teachers (Pre-Service) at Primary Level       

¨ Environmental Education Awareness among School Teachers

¨ Attitude Change on Population Education of IX Standard Students

¨ Relationship between Attitude towards History and Achievement in History      

¨ Errors in Oral Expression of English Language by Secondary Students              

¨ Awareness about Population Problem among Science and Arts Student Teachers        

¨ Library Facilities and the Academic Achievement of Secondary Students

¨ Focusing Learner Centered Secondary Education Integrating Mind Tools

¨ Reflections about the CAL Programme in Elementary School Classrooms         

¨ Impact of Multimedia Programme in Teaching Science on Attitude towards Computer

¨ Plight of Rural Primary Schools of Assam 

¨ Achievement Orientation of Students at University Stage 

¨ Learning through Virtual Classroom             

¨ Job Satisfaction of Teacher Educators in Relation to Their Attitude towards Teaching        

¨ Development and Assessment of Handbook of Concepts based on Social Science Subject for Secondary Level Students

¨ Elementary School Education in Himachal Pradesh

¨ Beginning with the End in Mind: A New Approach in Assessment                     

¨ Teacher Education in Jammu & Kashmir                                     

¨ Towards Knowledge Societies (Recommendations) - UNESCO

¨ Book Review  

¨ AIAER News   

¨ Contributors